Question I9 9900k/2080ti wierd lag/imput delay issues,PLEASE HELP!

Jan 11, 2020
TL;DR-i9 9900k/2080ti custom loop build is having wierd lag issues loading programs, moving windows from moniter to moniter,camera laggy when streaming etc. I am stumped, anyone have any recommendations so I can stop losing my mind lol. More info below, PLEASE HELP!

Ok so the long version-
The build is all brand new components. Build list IS
I9 9900k w/corsair xc7
Asus z390-e
32 gb ddr4 3600mhz(four 8gb sticks)-xmp set to 3200mhz for time being
Evga 2080ti 11gb w/ ekwb block
2tb samsung ssd
750w gold corsair fully modular
Bitspower distro/fittings/tubing
Two 360 mm rads
6 corsair 120mm fans

It is a PC we built for a friend/business partner of ours.the pc was initially dropped with alot of force during the initial shipping process which damaged the GPU(passed multiple benchmarks with flying colors prior to shipment-artifacting once it arrived and GPU support bracket was broken as well as the shipping crate damaged aligning with the pc being dropped).

upon changing the gpu out after we got the PC back, we started getting horrible BSOD's every few seconds basically from the first run of cinebench. The ram failed memtest 86 horribly including each individual stick failing, so we swapped that out with a brand new set. Once the new GPU and ram were in, I immediately had some stutter issues at desktop,Occasional lag etc. But if i remember right,i changed the bios multicore enhancement settings from what it was originally set to and that fixed the lag issue.

After that, I had 0 issues during stresstests, gaming,general use,0 issues with lagging programs or widows laggy when moving the actual window on the screen etc. Everything was buttery smooth and very responsive. I then drove up to his house a few states over to drop it off. Had it packaged up nice and safe for the ride over, but his moniter setup up forced him to have to wait a day to really test the PC so I ended up going back home.

A day later he got his new moniter and got all set up and immediately started having this wierd lag/input delay when opening or closing games, moving browsers from moniter to moniter,facecam laggy etc. His stream itself looks good from the viewing end, but still gives him issues with the programs and overall input delay.

I guess my questions right now are, what should the MCE setting in the asus bios be set too? Is there any other settings in the bios that can be causing the pc to stutter and lag that I should turn on/off? I feel it has to be a setting causing this cause the PC itself benched for days straight with no issues.potentially something to do with the moniter setup?maybe something to do with nvidia control panel? I've been searching online but havent found any really solid clear info so any help that can point me in a good direction is really appreciated! I'm at my end with this PC and really hope I can figure out the issue soon. Thank your in advance for any help!
Jan 20, 2020
So, I have the same set-up, minus the Mobo. I have an Asus Maximus XI Hero. I just created this account so I could tell you what I've done that's worked to possibly help you. I am not a professional and any advice is just that, advice.

For overclocking, I was having issues like that myself. I then did some research and after such, went in the BIOS and enabled XMP and used the AI tuning. It should have the same settings on your Mobo too, as it's a Z390 board. I was concerned about issues of overvolting I've heard of from others. But found that was due to older BIOS drivers.

I would ensure the BIOS is updated, as that is particularly the #1 cause of stability issues. Atleast, for me.

Also, I noticed you said your ram was 32 gb ddr4 3600mhz, but set to 3200mhz. Try setting the ram to it's standard 3600mhz as that could cause timing issues which could be a contributing cause if lag. I have the same ram, but mines 3200 default, set to 3400.

If you could provide your Mobo model, I can look into seeing if the AI Tuner is the same and tell you exactly (pictures possibly) how I set mine.

Due to the multiple applications running, I would look into a mild overclock on the 9900k. I have mine paired with a Corsair Hydro H100i and overclocked to 5.1ghz. I do have 4 fans on a 240mm rad in push/pull to achieve best cooling though and idols around 24°c and 62°c under heavy load. AI Tuner sets the clock speed on CPU and RAM each PC restart based on cooling information so if the rad gets clogged over time and limits cooling capabilities, it'll lower the clock speed as to not cause issues.

I really hope I could help. I don't know how notifications here work, but I'll keep checking back. Good luck man.


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