Question i9-9900K Clock Speed

Jun 3, 2019
Hello guys, I am new here to the forum and I have a question that might sound funny to some of you but I still want to ask to make sure everything is okey with my CPU.
I bought a new i9-9900K and the clock speed ( shown by CAM and CPU-Z ) Is going up and down all the time, i understand that its normal thing to go up and down, but while sitting and not doing anything it goes up to 4700-4800 and goes down to 800 ( for a second ) then goes up to 3000 and up to 4800 and so on.
I went to the BIOS, loaded optimized settings, same thing happens. I unplugged the CMOS, same thing. And windows power settings are set to balanced.
Is it normal to be like this? Since it says the speed is at 3.6ghz, i thought without OC or anything it will be sitting stable at 3.6ghz.
There are always background processes going on in Windows. If it needs more speed to finish the task quickly it will boost up high and then go back down to idle speed, which is probably in the 1GHz range. The 3.6GHz is the base clock. That means that when all cores are being used for processing that is the minimum speed you will get.