[SOLVED] i9-9900K drop in replacement for an i5-9600K?

Sep 9, 2019
Hello all. I currently have a Z390 motherboard running an i5-9600K. My PSU is a Seagate Focus Plus 750 gold. I'm currently not overclocking and I don't plan on doing any, at least not right anyway :) I'm considering replacing the i5-9600K with an i9-9900K, maybe on black Friday or cyber Monday. Right not I use the PC for gaming and streaming Netflix.

My current cooler is a Corsair h60 AIO.

My questions are:

1. What do I need to do, maybe BIOS-wise, when I take out the i5 and drop in the i9? My motherboard has the latest and greatest BIOS already installed.

2. If I don't overclock the new CPU, could I get by with the h60, or do I absolutely have to get a beefier cooler?

If it matters, currently my CPU and GPU (RTX 2060 Super) temps are great. I have a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 with 2 input fans in the front, 2 output fans on top, and my h60 fan/radiator is in the back sucking outside air into the case.
Can you drop it in? Yes. Your H60 is rated at 150 watts so yes it will work, however, you won’t want to run stress tests or push the CPU at 100% as it will overwhelm the H60. If you get a 9900k and want to water cool I’d recommend a 280mm.
Unfortunately, the 9900k is a beast. Even the best 240mm aio will struggle, and your 120mm will cripple the CPUs performance.
You can use a 240mm aio and still see a good performance uplift, but not expect the highest clocks and low temps.

Other than cooling, it should be a drop-in replacement.