Question i9 9900k getting warm

Dec 1, 2020
hii evreyone :)
so after few match i sew my cpu i9 9900k getting to 80-90c
and the game start to stutter and frames getting down

the room temperature: 17c- 20c
according to: gigabayte aorus center:
idle temp is 27-30 while im not playing
and 60-90c while im in game

according to: TechPowerUp and RivaTuner Statistics Server 37-40
and 60-90c while im in game

My pc spec:
Case: Antec torque
Gpu: Nvidia Gforce RTX 2080 Ti (with OC)
Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz (stock)
Mobo: : Aorus Z390 Elite
Psu: Crosair HX750
Ram: Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16x4 ddr4-3200 (64GB)
Storage 1 : Gigabyte NVMe 1.3/M.2/PCIe 3.0x4/ 1TB SSD (GP-GSM2NE3100TNTD) x2
Storage 2: SSDPEKNW010T801

Cooling solution: Custom Loop
Gpu Barrow block
Cpu Barrow block
Pump barrow
Disto plate barrow
2 360 raditor one on front with 6 fans Push pull and one above with 3 fan

Apologies in advance for what it looks like the first time I build so far everything works except for one game after which the CPU heats up ^^
So i know i did somthing worng with how i build my water cooling system
in green line when it say gpu in He draws water in the other direction
what i did try to connect boath of the radiators so i think now to rebuild and And separate so the gpu wil get the out line from the radiador and the cpu the same as this pic
but wil it really make any diffrent from now?
Dec 1, 2020
Check for air bubbles in the loop, try replacing the coolant and also reapply some new thermal paste on the cpu and gpu
all ready done new thermal paste on the cpu the gpu work amyzing like no higher then 50c
air bubbles got few very small
its is wired like cod war zone run good for 20+ min im getting 170-200 fps with no any stutter cpu temps r below 80c but cod CW is another story start on 70c to 90+