Question i9 9900k - High Temps

Mar 25, 2019

I recently built a new PC.

Specs as follows:

CPU: i9 9900k
Mobo: MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon
Cooler: Corsair H115i Pro
RAM: Corsair Veng RBG 16GB (XMP Enabled 3200mhz)

I'm having massive issues with temps. I was playing Apex Legends and noticed spikes of 91c for 1-2 seconds whilst mostly hitting 60-70c.

Looking in to this further I decided to run some Cinebench tests and almost all of them resulted in 95-100c and was prompting thermal throttling

I thought it might have been the cooler so I reapplied thermal paste and put the cooler on extreme mode which is 2800rpm in the pump and 1200rpm on the 2 rad fans. This did nothing and it would still result in 100c Cinebench temps.

I turned off something called Intel Turbo Boost which stops it going from its stock speed of 3.6ghz to 5ghz. I then run another Cinebench test and it wouldn't even break 61-62 degrees on "quiet mode" on my cooler which is 1000rpm pump and 400rpm fans.

So I believe the issue is the Turbo boost however what would be the best way to approach this so I can still overclock to higher than 3.6ghz but retain usual temps. Also, should I really be hitting 100c in Cinebench anyway with a standard feature of intels? I have watched many YouTubers with the same build run Cinebench comfortably at 81-83c.

Let me know if you want to see any of my BIOS settings or Intel Extreme Tuning settings etc.

Thanks a lot guys!
It's not your setttings. I'd almost guarantee you either have an air bubble or a faulty pump. You can try to rid the system of the air lock by tilting the case front to back and side to side, so that the trapped air can try to work it's way out of there. Even laying it on its side if possible might help. If it does not, then I'd bet you have a pump issue.

Where is the radiator mounted and what direction are the fans blowing? Anything over 80°C is BAD, and unacceptable under any conditions but most especially on a system that isn't even overclocked. Granted, these CPUs run fairly hot, but that cooler should be sufficient to keep it in check at the stock configuration without the need to disable the boost configuration.

What case do you have? How many case fans? What direction are the case fans blowing for each location?

Do you have the latest BIOS installed? I know there were some BIOS updates for some of the Z390 boards that dealt with core and boost voltage, but IDK specifically for your board.

What is the ambient temperature in the room where this PC is located?