Question i9-9900K - MCE & Turbo

Jul 22, 2019
Researched long and hard, but still don't know the answer.... I have a i9-9900k on an Asus Strix z390-e MB and I am not interested in overclocking it at present. When I run Cinebench R20 all 8 cores boost to 4.7GHz and the temps never exceed 73C and the score is 4951. My question is can I get more without overclocking? My Asus AI Suite says Turbo is off and I know MCE is also off. I do not understand those settings and was wondering if they would boost performance, or if there are any other stock settings that might help? Thx.
Turbo will allows one or two cores to boost to 5 GHz...which is default default behavior, as is all cores at 4.7 GHz under an intense load... (The turbo function is normal , and I'd enable it; you paid for it)

MCE enabled will allow all cores to boost as high as 5 GHz, but, doing so might require a small VCORE bump, and, will most certainly raise temps....

You are not doing better than default behavior without overclocking, and/or maximizing RAM speed/timings, by manipulating XMP profiles/RAM speeds...

If MCE being enabled raises temps too much, you can also incrementally manipulate max clock speeds upwards of 4.7 GHz in 100 MHz increments for 2,4,6 or 8 cores via Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility, and decide whether you think the results are acceptable or worthwhile, etc..
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MCE is still a technical overclock. You are not guaranteed to run 5ghz stable with just MCE. So you'll want to stress test MCE like a regular overclock.

AI Suite 3 says turbo boost is off? that should be on, try double checking it is on in BIOS.