Question i9-9900k + motherboard

Sep 22, 2019
What motherboard would be best for an i9-9900k? I will be overclocking.

My budget would be within 250-350 dollars.
Yep Z390 and for me personally a Gigabyte Aorus motherboard from the Pro and Elite which are fairly cost effective and have very strong VRM's with a 12 phase and you can go higher dependant on budget to the Gigabyte Aorus Ultra and Master which are the top end...
Gigabyte Z390 Auros Ultra $240.99. This is a very good motherboard with just about everything and one of the strongest VRM's on the Z390 range.

Gigabye Z390 Aorus Master is just above the Ultra and again fully loaded but with a great VRM and cooling. $288.99

both motherboards are very highly rated for the 9900K and will happily overclock to 5GHz and beyond dependant on cooling of course..