Question i9-9900k oc settings wrong?

Jan 19, 2021
Hello all! I need your advice :)
I´m running i9-9900k cooled with Corsair H150i Pro with QL120 fans, Aorus Master z390, 32GB Ram Corsair 3200Mhz (just XMP on) and Asus Rog Strix 3080 OCed

Since i´ve now more time to play i tried to OC my CPU to 5Ghz which i though i have achieved. I ran cinebench 10 minutes test several times and also 3D Mark and it seemed fine.
I´m playing WoW, Assassins Creed, Cyberpunk and Rainbow six siege at maxed out setting at 2k. In the last few days i started getting pc crashed while playing rainbow. So i started tracking the voltages/temps and they seem to be pretty high, atleast for me.
You can see the Bios settings i´m using and temps in the pictures below. I just followed some youtube videos to get this settings.
all my BIOS settings, CPUZ, hwinfo window

Are there any settings that are terribly wrong or can i improve something by changing some of them?
Thanks in advance!