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Question I9 9900K overclock


Jan 28, 2017
Good day folks, hope all is well.
I9 9900K
Asus z390 F
Corsair vengeance 32GB 3600mhz ram
corsair hx 1200w psu
asus gtx 1080ti oc strix
thermaltake floe riing 360 aio
Thermaltake view 71 case

So basically I am a noob overclocker, and I want to wander into the great unknown that is overclocking and I decided to go for it. My system is only used for gaming and streaming here and there.I followed a few you tube tutorials and read a few online forums and gathered as much info as I can on how to overclock my CPU and I just want to know from you folks if everything I did is okay and if I need to change anything. The bios settings I have changed are as followed:
XMP profile 1 active
AVX instruction core ration negative offset : 0
CPU core ratio : sync all cores set to 49
CPU SVID support: disabled
ASUS multi core enhancement: disabled
long duration package power limit : maximum value
package power time windows: maximum value
short duration package power limit: maximum value
BCLK aware adaptive voltage : disabled
CPU core/cache voltage : maunual set to 1.325( I found this to be a stable voltage with the best temps for 4.9Ghz)
my windows power setting is set to high performance
and thats it!
I use HW monitor to monitor my temps and my vcore and the values I give here are the exact values as HWmonitor displayed. I ran cinebench R20 and played a few games such as battlefield V and COD warzone, my foundings are as such:
At idle my temps were around the 37 to 40 degrees celsius
while running cinebench r20 the max temp was 85 degrees celsius
my mnimum vcore was 1.323 this is also the vcore it stays while idling and the max v core was 1.341
frequincy of the cpu stayed 4.9Ghz throughout testing and playing games
while gaming my temps were around the 55 to 60 degree range on cod and on battlefield they were around the 60-65 degree range.
Is all of this normal and have I done a successful first overclock?
One other thing I would like to ask is also that the cpu stays at 4.9Ghz even for idling for an hour+, is this normal and can this harm my cpu or not?
Thats about it, I would greatly appreciate any reply and please point out if theres anything I need to change!