Question i9 9900k running at 90C under load

Nov 28, 2020
I have a i9 9900k on a MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro using a CoolerMaster MA610P air cooler.

At a 5GHz overclock my CPU is hitting 95C on several cores, and an average of 90C under 100% all core load. General use I'm reaching temps up to 88C.

I tried setting my motherboard CPU to full default and auto core voltage and it uses 1.34V max and it's still reaching 90C at almost all times. I take my side panel off and see no change in temperatures, I put my hand between the front and rear fans and it's physically cool inside my case. Are my sensors messed up? Is my cooler simply not expelling enough heat? My idle temperatures are 33C so I just don't understand what's happening. Stock vs overclock my temperatures don't change at all but I lose .5GHz performance.

For reference full specs:

Case: NZXT H440 Elite
Cooler: CM MA610p
Fans: 3x 120mm intake, 1x 120mm exhaust
CPU: i9 9900k
GPU: RTX 3070, runs at about 65C under load with side panel on
RAM: G.Skill 16gb 3200MHz /w XMP