Question I9 9900k with a 1050ti

Oct 16, 2018
This is probably a stupid question to ask but imma do it anyway, right so basically I'm building a new PC my current PC is a i5 8600k and a 1050ti my new PC is gonna be a i9 9900k and a rtx 2080 basically what I wanna ask is I'm ordering my cpu in the coming days and won't be ordering my graphics card for a few weeks so I'm asking will I be able to just chuck my 1050ti into the new system and not have any problems? I have everything for my new PC just not the cpu and gpu. Any help is much appreciated:)
Yup you will be able to use your 1050ti with 9900k. It will be a bit imbalanced in the meantime but you can install the nvidia drivers and use the pc for whatever you need. I would wipe the drivers using ddu before installing the rtx, even though the drivers should be compatible with both.
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