I945G Chipset hot to the touch without OC


Sep 29, 2010
I was wondering if my northbridge(i945G) is running in safe temperatures, right now if i don't over clock the Heatsink is hot to the touch and i can't hold my fingers there for longer then 2seconds with OCing its even hotter. is this normal for my motherboards chipset? Or should i get a aftermarket(lol) chipset cooler for the northbridge?

Image of chipset

If anyone needs to know my system specs are

Pentium dualcore E2180 @ 2GHZ and 2.5GHZ when OC'd
ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard
2x2 GB Nanya PC6400 5/5/5/15 DDR2 Ram
HIS Radeon 6850
Mios 545PSU (probably generic PSU)

The CPU cooler was pulled from a dead HP Pavillion but it works like a charm its dropped temps about 20ish degrees if my correct

Any Help would be appreciated :D