I945gm notebook overclocking


Jan 30, 2009
Hello, I have two questions concerning intel 950gm overclocking:

#1 GMA950 overclocking:
- is there any tool using which I can overclock integrated gma950 chipset?
or at least set the frequencies ekvivalent to desktop board (as I suspect it has only one fixed frequency not changing between AC power and battery modes)
Maybe some bios tweak? Or edit?

#2CPU overclocking
I have 533 fsb cpu and would like to overclock it to 666fsb (as this is supported by the notebook, also the overclocked cpu freq. would be within range of supported CPUs, I have ddr800 memory modules, so no problem here too).
Best would be some SW oc tool, but I have problem finding out which PLL is used on my notebook (HP nx7400). I wasn't able to google it, nor find it on a motherboard picture ( http://lh6.ggpht.com/_h0fHyDGXM9I/SLT1tPqtu2I/AAAAAAAAAoU/iLhImS8bJfw/NX7400+417516-001+正面.JPG ). It is not under keyboard or anywhere around memory slots (as these are places where I am able to look at the board). Is there any way, I can find out which PLL i have, except dismantling the whole notebook? Like compare the OC progs IC dump output (which seems a bit strange with three leading FFs) with existing PLL dumps ?
Other tricks that come into mind are some bios tweaks, or edits - like overwrite 533 fsb cpu settings with 666 settings?
The last idea was to somehow wire processor (connect some of the pins, add some resistors etc.), to make board think it is a 666fsb cpu.

So in the end, best solution would be:
- find GPU OC program
- find out which PLL does board use & use appropriate OC program
if not, then some new OC bios maybe.
The last resort is cpu/socket wiring.

Has anyone of you idea how to accomplis this?
If not, at least where should I possibly ask? (like some other more specialized forums?)

Any help appreciated.
Thx for all advice.

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Jan 30, 2009
Dont overclock your laptop. Theres too many heat issues, its not worth it.

"also the overclocked cpu freq. would be within range of supported CPUs"

therefore the heat issue will be the same as with the one of the supported cpus, which can notebook (and it's cooling system) handle

in my case I want to OC T2350 14x133 (1866) to 14x166 (2333)

My notebook supports core duo CPUs with 2333 frequency... no problem here.

As far as GPU is concerned: especially on notebooks they usually do change frequencies between A/C power and battery mode, so there is a possibility of frequency change

Anyway, if you can OC the same integrated GPU on normal desktop board, why not in notebook?
(as it is case with some other integrated graphics, where you can on some types gain like 50% core freq. overclock with no issues)