Question Iam building a new pc and i need some help


Jan 31, 2014
Hello community . Iam building a new pc rn and alrady have bought some pieces and some old ones from my previous build . For now i have a Ryzen 7 5700x Cpu with a stock cooler wrath stealth cooler
a motherboard asus tuf gaming a520m-plus
Gpu rx 570 armor oc 8gb
An ssd A400 kingston 250 gb
Now iam trying to buy the new pieces

And iam looking for a ram Gskill ripjaws 3600mhz 2x8 or a viper patriot 2x8 3600hz to
For an nvme or m2 i saw a offer for kingston nv2 500gb nvme m-m 2 pcie gen 4 2280 internal-solid-state drive read 3500mb s write 2100 mb s snv2s 500g

What should i choose and am i choosing correctly ?