Question IBM Eduquest 45 - AIO internal CRT monitor to new motherboard?

Mar 23, 2022
Hi there! Any help or assistance with soldering or finding a correct plug to fit an IBM Lenovo motherboard would be great. I do have photos. I don't know how to find out what type of connector the All-in-One CRT monitor power cable is called, it was manufactured in 1994. My plan is to reuse and solder the wires to a new plug to insert and power up the CRT monitor. I'm assuming it's an old power ribbon cable strictly and doesn't need anything else. The photos show what I mean and will gladly post them. I'm not talking about the external power cable that you would plug the machine into, basically to solder the wires from the CRT to the motherboard circuit board or to daisy-chain solder it with the power box itself. The ribbon cable has so many different colors and I don't know how to use a multi-meter. Also, I don't know if this is even possible. I'd rather not "junk" the CRT monitor inside the case as I"m building a sleeper style updated PC using the original case. A personal project of mine to have a retro case and I have a newer motherboard and such that will fit almost perfectly inside including the power box in this ancient AIO PC.

Please see attached photos and the readme file. It is viewable and comments are enabled through Google Drive. Thank you everyone in advance. Much appreciated!

IBM Eduquest 40 - AIO wiring for internal CRT monitor
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Yeah you will have to show pics...
If the ribbon cable has vga, or graphics in general if it's older than vga, together with power, basically if it's more then 4 cables max, then you will have to be very careful not to mess things up, not that power alone isn't dangerous enough to screw up.
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