IBM NetVista drivers


Oct 2, 2011

I found an answer with an 8313 machine; it will likely work with you too...took me a week to figure this out....

1st, you have to install XP SP3 - any 32bit version; I haven't tried anything less than SP3. When the computer restarts, go ahead and install the audio driver. I found that it is the only one that works. I know it is very likely the screen will be messed up due to the video driver not installed. You will have to work through this until you can update windows.

2nd, have a wireless USB network adapter with drivers. After the audio driver, install the wireless network adapter and the drivers for it. Secure it to your network so you can get a network connection.

3rd, open internet explorer and go to windows update. Windows update will likely tell you that you have to upgrade to SP3 even though it is already installed. Use this links to resolve this issue:

Check this out for additional info on this, if you wish - just a quick FYI...

(It is basically a settings update to notify and install .net framework 4.0 and reboot)

After the restart, go back to windows update. Do all the updates before you install anything on the computer. Windows updates should resolve ALL of your driver issues, to include the network card. When the screen driver is installed and is your screen is normal, check your device manager to see if the network card driver is also installed. If so, go ahead and disconnect your wireless adapter and uninstall the wireless adapter program.

I hope this helps.

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