Question IBM Thinkpad T30 doesn't power on

Sep 29, 2020
Hello everyone!
Long story short, I got a hold of an old T30 and it's a bit of a passion project for me to try to restore it. Got a power adapter for it, tried powering it on, and that's where the problem starts.
I am aware that these models have issues with the RAM slots, but I don't think this is related to my problem.
I press the power button and the icons light up like you'd expect. However, after a few seconds all of them turn off except for one that looks kind of like a Z and the battery indicator. I get no image on the screen, and the fan never even turns on.
I tried to reseat the RAM and the hard drive, even tried different RAM, but nothing changes. Also tried it both with batteries and AC separately, same thing.
Any kind of help would be appreciated with this issue, as I couldn't find too much info online. Thank you and have a good day!