IBT 8700k Freeze Test

Nov 18, 2018
So I am overclocking a 8700k, set the clock speed to 4.7 Ghz and now I am experimenting with voltages. I began at 1.3 and temps were rly good but intel burn test froze once on maximum , 10 runs(~30 mins), i saw a guy online doing the same test and it looked like he was experienced, he said that it is normal, as the system allows other functions to run first or smthing like that instead of "drawing the display", if i leave it alone 100% and i don t open chrome tabs it won t freeze. I did the same test @2.64 V and i found the results to be the same.
Do you think that upping the voltage is the way, is it normal/stable?
I have a Noctua NH-D15 and i can keep temps @1.3 under 75 mostly while gaming, it avg es around 60-65C. I just want to set the volts as low as possible cuz i ve heard that s the way u should oc lol. Ty,i ll respound in about 10 mins as i ll be up all night :)