Question iCUE + Wraith Prism through a USB Hub?


Jul 18, 2019
Hello everyone,

Since I built my original PC in 2016, every part has been changed except for my HDD, SSD and my case. Back then, I just bought the cheapest case I could because I really didn't care much as the PC would stand on the floor (even if it did stand on my desk it would be on the left side) and I was on a budget - I cared more about performance than looks. Fast forward to now, and I'm contemplating changing my case since the PC is actually on the desk (right side this time :p) and my setup is a lot more complete than it was back then. I was looking into getting some Corsair RGB fans with it, using Corsair's iCUE Lighting Node Core. Now the problem is, I don't have enough (J)USB headers on my motherboard for this, since I already have other things plugged into them (such as the Wraith Prism cooler).

I was wondering whether a USB hub like NZXT's internal USB HUB would work to solve this problem. If so, are there differences between NXZT's USB HUB and their Gen 3 USB HUB (besides the obvious difference of a smaller design, one more USB header, and no USB ports)? And would this work using 2 different RGB devices (Corsair's iCUE Lighting Node Core + Wraith Prism) without interference? Are there any other things I should know of related to this stuff?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, it is much appreciated!
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