IDE DVD Drives won't connect to SATA Mobo even with converter



Hi all,

I recently replaced my motherboard and found the new one has no IDE connection. However I have two DVD drives (DVD-R and DVD-RW) which I need to connect to the mobo.

Previously I had one IDE cable that connected to both drives to the motherboard.

However this time I tried using a SATA/IDE converter so as to allow the IDE drives to plug into that, and the converter to plug into a SATA input on the mobo.

When I do this though, the PC starts to boot but stalls. It either;

1) Gets to the boot screen and searches for IDE drives, finds the HDDs and then stalls while looking for others. Or
2) If I go into the BIOS to search manually for drives (which it doesn't find) it then tries to boot Windows and stalls at the black "Windows XP" screen

The PC will only boot if I do not plug the power into the converter.

Any help in getting the drives connected would be appreciated.



System Details:

Mobo: Gigabyte M68MT-S2
CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 440
GFX: Gainward GeForce 9600 GT
PSU: Corsair VX 550W
HDD: 1 x 250GB (SATA), 1 x 200 GB (SATA)
DVD: 1 x DVD-R (IDE), 1 x DVD-RW (IDE)
Converter: StarTech Bi-Directional SATA/IDE Converter



Yes you're right and that might be the route to go down :) Return the adapter and buy a SATA DVD-RW (the price difference is actually about £5 more for the DVD-RW ;) )

However I would like to get at least one of them working now.