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Question IDE error light on ASrock Z170 Gaming K6 + DR Debug error message Ab/A9

Jun 3, 2020
After completely redoing my custom waterloo, whenever my pc boots up I get the error message either Ab or A1-9 on the debug. After looking into this it appeared that there was a sata device error. After reading that I swapped each sata cable out from the original port to other ports and nothing changed or worked. Afterwards, I booted into the UEFI Bios and noticed that all of my drives appeared in the storage configuration box but not the boot option priority box. After digging a little deeper and going into my boot tab in the advanced setting I was only given the option to either boot into my 970 evo plus which was never my boot drive or windows boot manager. If anyone has any solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate it as i use this computer for my school work too.