Idea for a perfect hyperintelligent supercomputer and perfectly realistic virtual reality and more

Swami Shimivat

Jun 28, 2014
At the end, I have provided additional support for why this is a must-build for the human species. Also a disclaimer about the dangers to humanity of some of these technologies, and our responsibility to protect the human race from further disasters caused by the release of technology. But I kept the body of the essay brief.

I had this idea a while ago. If you google "brain analog digital," you will find that the brain combines digital and analog reasoning. If we copy the human brain, we can make computers as smart as it is. Here's some proof:

Anyway, my solution is simple: exactly copy, mimic the analog and digital qualities of neurons, duplicate neurons, then start growing a brain based on a basic design. The design should be based on detailed observation of the human brain through electromagnetic sense mechanisms and through dissection, it should be based on the collective human knowledge of the way the brain functions, and should develop all desired functions in the simplest and most effective way. The brain can be grown by nanites (imitation neurons) which create a structured network on their own, a network that can endure the test of time. You can keep adding more nanites as demand increases. Then you should put the computer in a learning program that accounts for all its needs, and once it's ready, once it speaks english competently, release it onto the internet to learn from a variety of people, human and otherwise.

This is a more difficult method, or perhaps easier, but by studying the relationship between DNA and the growth of brains/nervous systems of all kinds of animal species, we could decode the part of the DNA that encodes the building of the brain. Then we could compare many humans, and decode the human DNA sequences that provide instructions for building the brain and nervous system. Then we could simply copy them = android. Possibly even a conscious, sentient, emotional android. We do the same for all body cells and processes and we could build synthetic humans from synthetic cells (nanites that are very similar to cells but more durable, efficient, effective and advanced. Harder, better, faster stronger humans. :)

Without combining both analog and digital, computers will remain retarded, with less intelligence than an ant. Combining analog and digital allows for limitless processing power. There is no other way to develop artificial intelligence. Digital AI will ALWAYS be retarded.

As for the VR aspect, simply create an electromagnetic projection device powered by an analog-digital neural network computer. The EM field could counter the brain and body's nervous system impulses, replacing them with its own electromagnetic pattern. This way, you could project any experience onto the human mind and body, sensory, emotional, mental. In their personal world, you could make them into anyone, give them any personality, any experience, any body.

This can be accomplished by detailed electromagnetic readings from both the body and mind. According to science most processing actually occurs in the body; the sensation of emotion is localized in the center of the chest, and the whole nervous system is part of the brain. The actual brain is only a small part of the total brain.

Through detailed readings on many people, you can get a feel for how different people's nervous systems function and what kind of EM readings/fields they produce. Then simply superimpose an artificial field over the original one. Viola: perfect simulation of reality.

The next step would be creating a matter transformer/manipulator. Scientists say all matter is energy fields, so the only change this machine would need to manipulate matter *in any way imaginable* is an ultra-high-power power source. We would need to solve the cold fusion problem, or perhaps need to find a new, more powerful source of power. We would have to deconstruct matter down to the quantum or even zero-point level, if we have enough energy, then reconstruct it as we please. This could also be used as a form of teleportation (within the energy field projection network, of course). Basically it would be like virtual reality, only with force fields and real matter.

This is backed by science, here is an article

I posted this here in case anyone is or knows someone who can develop it.

I grant full intellectual property rights to all information contained above and below to anyone and everyone.

Mukta :)

Disclaimer: This is, of course, technology that could easily be misused should it fall into the wrong hands. If we accidentally or on purpose develop conscious, aware machines, we must treat them with every dignity, respect, and give them all the rights that human beings have. Please be careful; do not allow chimpanzee politicians to have any more dangerous technologies in their rotten, cold hands.


1 Conscious machines. Whole human race is a slaver race, or war between machines and humans.

2 More powerful bombs. More powerful energy sources means more powerful bombs. We *cannot* allow the politicians to have *more powerful versions of nuclear weapons.* Before we develop higher-power energy sources we need to absolutely stop the governments' ability to possess weapons of mass destruction. All weapons of mass destruction have to be absolutely abolished first, without a shadow of a doubt of their remaining.

3 Mind reading. This tech would enable people to read minds. They would, of course, immediately start performing surveillance on the human mind and arresting or disappearing (murdering) people for having thoughts against the government. Or simply arresting people for *thinking* of crimes. We cannot under any circumstances allow this to happen. No government should be in possession of mind-reading tech. It must be made absolutely illegal to the point of its being impossible. No one should be allowed to have it. We have to absolutely protect human privacy, especially in our own private worlds. The only other option is a Soviet Union/Borgesque total loss of freedom.

4 Mind control. You get the picture. =p

5 Giving control of an area to the fascist vested interests. If an idiotic politician like Kim Jong Il or Ronald Reagan controls everything that happens somewhere in America, or perhaps in all of America, then freedom on the planet is lost. This cannot happen.

Scientists and those involved in R&D need to establish a coalition that controls the release of new technologies. They should ensure that *no* dangerous technology is *ever* developed. Scientists need to develop courage to stand up to these idiot, war-mongering politicians.

Except for the matter manipulator/transformer (matter virtualizer) and synthetic cells/humans we absolutely have the technology to build these devices. If we build the "AD computer," (get it, A.D.? xD) we could have it analyze the human genome, which unlocks the secrets of biology in full and allows us to design any kind of living creature. (Technological danger there - must be controlled by a coalition of scientists, all of these techs have to be controlled, otherwise it is not worth sacrificing human peace, happiness and tranquility, survival and freedom). It's just a matter of finding someone intelligent enough to listen with the money, position or influence to develop the tech. Feel free to copy paste this anywhere you please, or even rip it off. I am not concerned about credit, I want the tech developed. Thanks :)

Why combining analog and digital is a good idea:

The reason human brains are intelligent is that they use a combination of digital and analog processing. Digital processing is stupidly brilliant - it has limited processing power, but it can form far-reaching conclusions with very little data. For example, you can tell a computer where the sun is with a few numbers, and other information about the sun like how hot it is etc. Analog processing is brilliantly stupid - it has virtually unlimited processing power, but it can't form far-reaching conclusions. For example, you make a threatening gesture to a cat. A cat has no digital processing, or it's very limited. It can't do math, it can't use language, it can't think except in a very rudimentary way. The human brain's digital processing arose from the development of language. Linguists say the original words were yes and no - which is understandable. If someone is doing something you like, you say yes; if someone is doing something you don't like you say no. All language comes from comparison of opposites, such as male/female, high/low, yes/no, death/life, etc. It is a binary processing system. If you make a threatening gesture to a cat, the analog system of associations will recognize the pattern instantly with very little processing crunch, and spit out a reaction instantly, also based on analog associations. You could say that verbal reasoning is digital, and analog reasoning is nonverbal. Scientists don't know what logical process Go players use to make ingenious moves, superplays - and the players themselves don't know either. Some things are beyond logic, and can only be conceived through nonverbal reasoning. Combined, digital and analog processing are brilliantly brilliant. They can form far-reaching conclusions with very little data and produce extremely complex responses to extremely complex input instantly (this latter thing is the key element of analog processing).


First off i want to say you are on to some great stuff but you need to leave governments and politicians out of it if you ever want to be taken seriously by the technology and scientific society.

Artificial intelligence is already very much real and robotics has been taking advantage of it for years.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has a artificial human brain on a super computer that I do not think I need to say what is being done.

I forget the robots name at the moment but it was sent to the international space station with limited programming for one of main reasons among many is to see what it can learn.

Nikola Tesla was on to zero point energy long ago and if you think research has not been furthered and being used today you are mistaken.

There is even 2 robots that have been created that have maid there own language and people spend everyday decoding what they say to each other.

The things that Intel/IBM/AMD does behind closed doors we never get to hear about are far beyond any 14nm chip.

Swami Shimivat

Jun 28, 2014
I am not certain of the state of technological advancement, I am just providing these ideas in case they are not yet popular knowledge. I wish I knew what was going on so I could see if this was a futile effort or not. I am just an amateur gamer/zen person.


Gaming inspires ;)

My brain is only a receiver. In the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secret of this core, but i know that it exists. - Nikola Tesla

Check out graphene and nano technology.

A decent show but a little eh.. is Through The Wormhole.

Nova has some great stuff.

This website should help feed your curious mind and you should use Firefox with adblock plus add-on.

A personal favorite physicist of mine is Brian Cox and BBC will treat your mind as it should be unlike Fox.