Question Idea to upgrade my graphics

Jul 23, 2019
Currently I'm working in Bangalore. Sort of playing games usually after my working hours. So I'm going to upgrade my graphics card from GT 740 4gb to RTX Super 2060 or Super 2070.
My PC Config:
Intel i5-8400
Motherboard - Asus Prime H310m-e R2.0
Antec 650 W 80+Gold smps
Monitor - 27" VA Panel 144 Hz and 1 ms
SSD - 500 GB

My doubt is that when i upgrade to RTX Super 2070 whether I can utilise full performance from graphics card or it will be moderate based on the processor i have? or Else getting RTX super 2060 will be efficiently to utilize full performance for gaming. For upgrading do I need consider any other major constrains for RTX Super 2070 graphics card. Actually i was manipulated by some retailers that i will only getting moderate performance for RTX super 2070 along side with my intel i5-8400. So guys please help me with this. Need your support.
sorry its circle cgrp650wm80+
That's a local POOR quality generic PSU brand and model. Do NOT use this on any gaming PC. PSU is the last component you might want to cheap out on, or skimp.

Try to get some other high quality PSU, IF possible. Power supplies are an imperative part of your system that should not be taken lightly. Throwing in a budget PSU could result in poor power efficiency or even a wrecked system.

Don't SKIMP on the PSU, since this is the MOST important PC component. I can't stress this enough. Btw, why did you write ANTEC in your original post ?
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