Question Ideal overclock for GTX 1050 ti

May 14, 2020
Hi Ive recently got a PC for an upgrade and after Ive choosed right components its owner told me to keep old parts. (PC had 7700k socketed in z170MB paired with single cheapest 8g ram stick and 1050ti, quite strange combo). So now I have this pretty cool 1050ti with 6pin connector and after small google search it ahd almost same reatil price as cheaper 1060-3g (Its most expensive gibabyte 1050ti with lots of IO). Im wondering what can I get out of it when Im not limited by 75w power output of PCIe. Ive tried several configs, but this is stable enough, I didnt touch core voltage, dont want to break the card. Memory +1000 was usntable, core +250 was stable in most of the titles. What config and benchmark should I use?



Jul 22, 2020
I also have a 1050TI that I want to see if I can Overclock and by how much? I have MSI Afterburner Installed as well and I have been messing with different overclock levels and then clicking the OC button in the upper left corner and running test and it gives confidence levels after it's done. Do you know what an acceptable confidence level would be? Also Im confused when you say you have a 6 Pin Power connector plugged in, I thought The 1050TI didn't use a power connector as it doesn't require over 75 Watts. I have a 6 pin and a 6+2 (8 Pin) coming from my PSU that are unused?
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