Question Ideas about bizzare problem with system freezing / USB over current, tried everything


Oct 6, 2014
Getting pretty desperate here.

I am struggling with this issue for months now.

The problem appeared for the 1st time just after after driving the PC in a car, about 60 km trip. I have moved places 7 months ago.

After a short while of gaming, PC froze. I restarted and got "USB over current has been detected, PC will shutdown in 15 seconds to protect your motherboard" error. I was Whoa, what??

Well, over the months, these are the steps I did. Nothing solved the problem.

  1. Replaced M&KB
  2. Replaced usb headset. Basically replaced every USB device I had
  3. Breadboarded the pc, unplugged case USB header, removed any overclocks
  4. Went to RMA the motherboard. They tested it for 2 days, it worked with no errors whatsoever at the shop. Got the same board back...
  5. Replaced PSU - Corsair RM650x with Corsair RM750x
I am worried RAM, GPU or CPU are somehow causing the problem? MBO bios is updated to the latest. Issue happened before and after the update.

Sometimes I can game for hours, nothing happens, but sometimes I get weird pc feezes.

Freezes happen in a sense that PC would stop responding to any input. Lets say I play a yt video. Picture would be on, audio on, but PC would be completely unresponsive.

In online games, I would clearly loose connection to server, game would still be on with audio, but I am unable to make any input..

I replaced every USB device. Had only M&kb connected etc.

I tried furmark, which reproduced this error when gpu reached 80 C and heavy load. Restarted PC, USB over current error... But I can't be certain if GPU is casing it or some other component...

Also, I saw a few times the "pxe-e01 pci vendor and device ids do not match" error at the boot.

I am lost and in need of an opinion what to test or what could be an issue here. Thinking to replace mobo, but I do not want to throw away money on hunches. If the gpu is dying, with gpu prices nowadays, rip me.


Ryzen 5600x
Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti
MSI Tomahawk B550 mag
16GB Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz (which I had working without issues on 3733mhz, 1.4v for months)
Samsung 250GB evo ssd
2X 2TB WD Caviar Blue
Corsair RM750x

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