Question Ideas to save my graphics card?


Oct 4, 2017
My graphics card is a 1070ti, and while I've been itching to upgrade, that's obviously not in the realm of possibilities. My big mistake was when I drove to Illinois a few years ago, I brought my computer. When I did, I left the card in the pcie16 slot. The vibrations did something funky to the card, because ever since, it's been a little fidgety getting it to work right.

Until recently, just propping it up was working okay. My proplblem now is that no amount of propping can get this thing to boot normally. I know for sure that the graphics card is the issue because I've tried it in other slots and sytems. I've also inspected the pins to try and find anything wrong.

While there is basically no resale value left in this card, I really need this thing to last until gpu prices drop. Anyone got any ideas? I've gotten so desperate that I even considered the forbidden trick of putting the card in the oven.