Identify a problem with e8400 at 400 fsb



Only 400 fsb set. Everything else is auto.
I ran prime95 25.6 using small FFTs test, and it doesnt make any errors for 2 hours, then I stopped.
Running large FFT or blend test report error in less than 5 min.
Is it something ram related? except that I've tried many settings like manually setting latencies 4-4-4-15 or auto wth 1.9, 2.0 or 2.1 dram volts. Tried changing cpu voltage from from 1.25 to 1.3 with various ram settings or auto, and it still crashes early in blend test.
Still many say that 400 fsb OC should work with default vcore, and its really worked in auto mode for 2 hours, but with little ram involved test.
Any suggestions? If that prooves to be ram, what settings could work? or maybe I got bad luck with flawed ram/cpu that have low OC potential?
Cooling, I got antec 300 with Zipang. At vcore and fsb on the pictures, temp: 35 idle, 62 max on load.
Rising vcore to 1.3 makes temp jump to 70c.



Its DDR2 below.




Jun 18, 2008
this is the second time in 2 days i have seen this ddr3/ddr2 glitch in cpuz...

i would say put the timings and voltage at what it says on the box you got em in... the default specs. then run memtest before booting into windows. if it fails it, i would say u got a defective RAM module.