How To Identify what Device a Driver is used by

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Jun 12, 2015
There are plenty of guides out there showing how to find a driver for a device, but what if you have a driver running and don't know what its associated with

Download and run Driverview -

All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install any (this is intentional as 3rd party driver updaters often get it wrong)

When you run it, go into view tab and set it to hide all Microsoft drivers, will make list shorter.

it will look like this

if I open Driver view and right click the line AMDTools64.sys shows on, and choose Properties I get:

if you take note of your oemxx.inf (xx in my case being 63) in the Service Display Name field, you can search for it in Device manager

You can change Device manager view to show drivers

then look at the same oemxx.inf number in list

If you then change the view while highlighting the driver, it shows what its associated with on that view

On my PC its listed as a System Device, on the normal view of Device manager

Sometimes it still doesn't tell you what it does :)

Note: Driver viewer just runs windows commands so you can get that info via Windows commands but it puts it in a much easier to read format, Otherwise it all shows in command prompt as one long list.

Note2: not all driver inf files are named oem, just most of them. They all still show on that page if running.
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