[SOLVED] Identifying and resolving ping spikes?

Jan 26, 2022
I'm quite technologically uninformed so please bear with me. Around a month ago I noticed that I would get (seemingly) random ping spikes when playing games. Ping went from 6-50ms to a standard of 50-100ms with spikes jumping to 400 and occasionally 1000+. I've tried to resolve this by going through some quick-fixes (checking solutions to similar problems in resolved threads etc.) but none of them seemed to be the problem.

I tried to determine the cause by following a tutorial in a previous thread on this forum, that is running tracert and then pinging my router, isp and google but I don't exactly know what to make of the results (nor if it was relevant or was done correctly).

Any help at all would be appreciated.
Since you posted on the wifi section I assume that means you are connected via wifi.

The first test should always be to use a ethernet cable even if that means temporary moving you machine to test. If the problem still exists then the next steps involve resolving if it is your pc/router or maybe something outside your house.

Very likely though the problem is the wifi. Wifi is subject to interference from both outside and inside your house. This interference causes delays while your wifi equipment attempt to correct errors.
Could be one of your neighbors got new wifi equipment that runs on the same radio channel as you or their router decided to change to use the same radio channels. You can attempt to change your radio channels but even if this would work it will likely
have more problems because the channel usage by people seems to always be changing.

The wifi spikes in general have no impact on most application other than online games. This is why they say to always play games on a machine using a ethernet connection.