Question Identifying router processor for OpenWRT ?

Dec 28, 2022
My local bookstore/hackerspace has been donated a pallet of cheap imported routers from a company called Atlas Media. The routers themselves are listed as 'AMW-DBR 1200AC' for reference, but this is not the original model number as they were imported from China and rebranded.

The store would like to see if it's possible to set up OpenWRT on these routers for some projects they've been working on, but they're stuck trying to identify the processor used in them to find a compatible OpenWRT firmware file.

One of the employees is taking one home and plans to crack it open to see if there's any labelling on the board inside, but I was wondering if these was a way to identify the chipset through software or other means in case the board isn't labelled.


Doesn't look promising as it's a BCM5358B0 and the only known routers with that CPU are several Tenda models. There are many more that use BCM5358U though, which may be close enough to use the same drivers.

In general, Broadcom radios do not work in OpenWRT except sometimes in Wireless-G mode (as the only open-source Broadcom drivers ended with that and they sometimes work in later radios) so people will only install that if they want a wired-only router with more up-to-date security.
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The FCCID that BFG-9000 links is one of the best sources of information on a router you can find in most cases. Since most have very good photos of internal parts it saves having to take them apart yourself. The only problem would be if you can't find a fcc number but in most cases devices that do not have fcc numbers on them were not legally imported or are used in none USA/EU markets. Then again even china has its own version of the fcc with similar rules for most thing manufactured there, so if you read Chinese you can find info on many other devices.