Identifying & Swapping Graphic Cards

That is a reasonable combo of cpu and gpu.
A single 8gb ram stick is not a good option.

Add up the cost of individual parts to see what you are paying for assembly.

The GTX1060 6gb is a slightly stronger card, not because of the added 3gb of vram, but the added CUDA cores.
If you wanted cyberpower to build you one to your specs, that could be done.
But, cyberpower does not have a good reputation on these forums.
One problem is that they will use the minimum psu of unknown quality that runs only the initial configuration.
Upgrading later to a stronger graphics card may also require a psu upgrade.

If you do not want to build yourself, consider the option of buying parts yourself and paying a local shop $100 for assembly.
The factory warranty on parts is comparable the cyberpower warranty.