Identifying Temps on SpeedFan - Asus - P5N-D


May 12, 2008
I am still not 100% sure with myself on identifying my temp readings on SpeedFan "or HWMonitor"

I know that Core 0 & 1 are my CPU's "E8400" core temps "T-Junction"

The other temps are Temp1 Temp2 Temp3
On idle, my temps are: Temp1:46C Temp2:37C Temp3:23C Core0:36c Core1:36C "Cores offset to -5 in configure options"

I have read Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide many times, and did the calibration test like it said.
My Z=6 "Z = Ambient to Tcase Delta." Ambient was=25.5*C, so my Tcase should be= Ambeint+Z=32*C
So, I wasn't sure if Temp 1 or 2 was my Tcase, I did the test, & temp 1 went up very high to 67*C while temp2 only went up 1* to 37*C. My cores were at 53:54*C

I read that your Tcase should be lower than your tjunction.. and mine are the opposite. I do not have PECI option on my mobo. When feeling my stock cpu heatsink, it felt very cool... not even warm... but touching my NorthBridge heatink on the other hand was very hot. Couldn't touch it for more than 5 seconds when on load.

So My question is... trying to figure out what is Temp1 & Temp2 for an Asus P5N-D mobo? "this mobo was not listed under speedfans website for downloading the configuration" I am almost certain that my Temp3 is case temp since it's so close to ambient.

Could anyone please put an end to this mystery for me? :??: