Question idle temps GPU 80, CPU 70

Nov 1, 2020
i have HP omen, i7 8750H, CPU running at 2.21 GHz, with NVidia geforce gtx 1060.
i have had this for almost 1.75 years, i have had temp issues before, that caused fps drop in games, (apex legends)
but in omen command center i put the performance to " at comfort" , use power saver mode in power options and run the game at the lowest settings. this seemed to improve the temps and smoother gameplay although i kept having issues now and then, since i live in pakistan general temps are higher in summers.
for the past month though, i cant play the game for more than 5 mins because it starts stuttering and fps drops to an alarming low and the game is unplayable. all my settings are still at low. although, i have noticed that my idle temps are too high, where at 0% gpu utilization, gpu temp is 77 to 80, and for 2% cpu it is 68 to 70. i am sure that this is not okay, since while gaming when it overheats, gpu hits around 91 and cpu at 85 to 87, at which point i have to close the game and let the laptop cool down.
i have some solutions in mind, like undervolting the pc, cleaning it out.
please recommend something as this cannot go on.


Oct 11, 2015
That is a mobile sku so I am assuming that this is a laptop. The first thing I would do before anything else is this:
  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Take some good canned air, or very dry compressed air and blow into the exhaust ports on the cooling system. If this hasn't been cleaned you will get a blast of nasty from the fan intakes.
4 Reinstall the battery & power.
5. Test

Laptop cooling systems can be marginal in the first place and they have a tendency for the amient air exchange radiators to gunk up with lint like material that prevents air flow. You should be cleaning like this at least every 6 months for optimal operation.