Idle Temps Survey (i7 on air)


Dec 26, 2008
Hey guys,

I know over the past few months I have heard a wide variety of idle temperatures from people running air-cooled i7 setups. Since I can't figure out how to make a poll, I was hoping to compile some information in a thread. I know that temperatures have been discussed a lot, but the discussions have been mostly about temperatures under load and maximum safe temps. Just post your system info and your idle temps (as well as ambient).

i7 920 -- OC'd to 3.8
P6T Deluxe V2
CM cm-690 case
OCZ Platinum 6gb 1600

idle temps: 39-42 (normal...when ambient temps are in the low 70s). Currently 43-45 (ambient temps in the low to mid 80s atm).

I am hoping to see some correlations between things like GPU power and idle temps. Another big concern is running my pc 24/7 over these summer months when the idle temps will probably sit anywhere from 43-47 (uncomfortably high to me). I'm considering shutting down at night to cool both my room and my pc off. I'm curious to know others' results as we enter the hot time of year. Thanks!



May 6, 2009
I have a similar rig and my temps run @ 46c-49c. I do have a i7 950es w/ do stepping which runs hotter than co stepping. I have mine overclocked @ 3.8gig. I'm fairly new at this so I was wondering if this was a little high also. My system is completely water cooled, from the cpu to the northbridge. Voltage regs. x-58 chip, you name it? The coolant lines are 3/8th. but I only have one radiator so I ordered another one just to be safe. I read that the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 runs hotter than most boards anyway but in my opinion is pretty durable. I broke off the battery holder completely and soldered it back on and it worked. Also I blew a coolant line and coolant went all over the board. Dried it and it started with no problems. Let's see another board do that. This board is bullet proof in my opinion.


those temps sound about right for air cooling at those speeds, once I got past those speeds I had to go water my current temps are 32c-60c I would get 45c-90c on a Zalman cooler and my rig is open case as seen here