Question Idle Volt is Higher than Volt while Gaming Tried 2 Chargers!


Feb 16, 2021
Hey i have Dell Inspiron 7567 with i7-7700HQ 2.8Ghz boost upto 3.8Ghz. now the issue mainly is that when i play games the laptop shut down after 10 minutes and while i'm playing idon't experience any stutter or temp issues i am well under 75. so i decided to look at PSU for some changes and since i don't have a battery installed. i check all my volts and for some reason my idle cpu volts are somewhere from 1.1V ~ 1.3V and when i'm playing they all go down to 0.6V~0.8V and i don't know if it's normal. however i tested 2 different but same chargers and still got same results.
Apr 17, 2021
I looks a lot like current limiting. With ThrottleStop and Hwinfo I have noticed a phenomenon were it seems the 7567 is using the battery as a supplementary power source.
Similar to the Victron inverters. Try first to get a battery.