IE won't open up links in a new windows. Win2Kpro


Oct 21, 2002
Please help, I'm tearing my hair out, I can fix most problems but this time I have exhausted my knowledge.

I'm running Windows 2000 Professional, PIII 900, 128MB, ISDN 64K, IE 5.00

I was browsing the rajah forums and saw this link. I clicked on it and a new window opened up on the toolbar for a few seconds (about 2 seconds) then shut down again. I tried again to open it, and still nothing happened. I to open a new window on other links but they didn’t work as well. Also I use MSN messenger. When you log in a note pops up telling how many new messages you have in your inbox, I clicked on this and that didn’t work either so I assume the two problems are related.
I can open up new windows of the same page (ctrl-N), just not hyperlinks to other websites.

To fix this I've tried: updating IE 5 to IE 6 service pack 1 ( this made things worse as I couldn't even open up explorer!), turning off Messenger and restarting IE, visited the Microsoft knowledge database, reset IE to default settings, cleared out temp files, updated OS to service pack 3.

Please help.


Feb 16, 2003
FWIW... most pop-up killers have a bypass key. I've used "PopDown" (excellent!) and others. In each case holding the CTRL key while clicking a link will allow a new window to open.