ieee 1394 cable converter


Dec 31, 2007
Right. My Coolermaster Praetorian case has a pin out for the from IEEE 1394 /Firewire connector as this:

Top Row: TPA-; GND; TPB-; +12V; GND
Bottom Row: TPA+; GND; TPB+; +12V; No Pin
(The diagram on the paper is actually vertical, w/No Pin in the lower left corner.)

The Gigabyte mobo - GA K8NS Pro has this pin out:
Top Row: TPA2-; GND; TPB2-; Power; GND (Pins 2 - 10)
Bottom Row: TPA2+; GND; TPB2+; No Pin; Power (Pins 1 - 9)

(There's also a 16 pin connector on the mobo, but I have enuff problems already.)

Does any one know of a converter or something that could be used to match the up two connectors?

I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:


Former Staff
Easy, the numbers just refer to which connector it is and can be ignored, so TPA- means the same thing as TPA2-. Power and +12v mean the same thing too.

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