Question If anyone knows about a good used EVGA X79 Classified motherboard? Please let me know.

Dec 21, 2021
Recently my EVGA X79 Classified computer wouldn’t boot. The failure was two (2 X 8-GB) memory sticks 16-GB. Before the memory problem, the computer’s Event Viewer log reported Critical Errors with COM functions. Critical errors appear with “Kernel Event Tracing, Print Service, SNMP, and Service Control Manager.” In the few hours this computer was on today, it has reported 71 critical errors.

The MS-OS has been updated many times each week by running the Microsoft ISO File tool that allows the current Windows 10 Pro installation to have all the updates to ensure the problems are not OS-related. In contrast, it provides the option to allow all the user data and applications to stay.

As a side note, G.Skill made good on their Life-Time memory guarantee. The G.Skill memory installed was purchased and installed in July of 2012. I reported to G.Skill that two of my 4-memory sticks had failed and blocked the computer from booting. They responded with an RMA form and followed that up by sending me new DDR3 32-GB (4 X 8-GB) matched memory sticks. I didn’t expect to get new memory from G.Skill. Instead, I ordered replacement memory from Newegg, where I bought the memory and motherboard the first time in 2012.

I’ve concluded that the motherboard that runs many of the programs is limited to some programs, The more essential programs won’t run, or they will run if I don’t mind waiting an hour or more for their boot to appear.

I like how the X79 Classified ran for nearly ten years. The boot disk recognizes the X79 configuration. If I can get a used EVGA X79 Classified motherboard; I won’t have to perform the work of reinstalling the current applications with a new installation of Windows 10 Pro.