If i add fans, will my video card get enough power? Pic included


Dec 12, 2008
this is my current set up, my video card requires 2, 6-pinn psu connection,
1 connection is hooked up directly to the psu, the other 6-pinn is run through 2 molex , where
1 molex is also hooked up with a 120mm fan, and the second molex has a DVD drawing power and also A FREE SATA
Here is a Simple pic explaining the current set up :

What I want to do is hook up 2 more 120 mm fans in to the free SATA connection, but i dont know if it is goign to be drawing too much power, causing insufficient power/ problem to my video card. Here is another picture of what i mean :

My specs is, Zogat Geforce GTX 560
all my fans are 120 mm
dvd drive : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151244
Nice drawings :lol: Anyway, it's nothing to worry about. Fans draw very little power (compared to other components). We're talking a few watts, at most, per fan.