If i am in the market for a new, gaming PC build, if i post what I'm thinking about buying, would anyone help give me advice?


Jun 6, 2015
Yeah you need a CPU heatsink/fan. I recommend the Cooler Master Hyper EVO 212;

It's cheap and it works very well. I have a i7-5820k overclocked to 4.2Ghz with this cooler..!..Easy to add a second (optional 120mm Fan) to have a nice push/pull config ensuring maximum cooling.

Also, If you are a gamer, and want to be able to play new games that use DirectX-12 -you should go ahead and get Windows 10 -as previous Windows versions will not support it. I love Windows 7 and was reluctant to change -but Windows 10 is actually nice -kept the good stuff from 7 and 8 and got rid of Metro UI (mostly).

The PSU is okay, although you should never skimp on your PSU -as this will lead to later headaches and fits of frustration.

Here's the latest PSU "Tier" list...Tier 1 being of the highest quality components, I would not get anything higher than a Tier 2 (T3 is a mixed bag T4 -5 have cheap sub-standard parts -avoid these)


Although I must say I've never had a issue with EVGA products and you are probably fine -although keep in mind if you ever want to do SLI/Crossfire you will need at least ~700W. Just a thought.
As above , great component choices - you do need an aftermarket cooler if you're going to overclock though.

If you're not overclocking then drop to the 4590 & a good h97 board.

Don't like the choice of case personally , deepcool kendomen is in the same price range & a lot better case for the money.

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