If I buy Windows 8 "upgrade" can I still use 7 on another rig?


Nov 11, 2012
I have a laptop that came with Vista installed (activation key on the laptop). I upgraded the laptop to Windows 7 a year or so ago.

I just built a desktop and would like to put Windows 8 on it, taking advantage of the $40 upgrade deal, which would require a previous version to be installed first.

My plan is to use the Windows 7 USB Boot Drive to install an unactivated version of Windows 7 onto the desktop (the "upgrade" media for 7 should permit a full install), then use the Windows 8 upgrade to complete the install process on the desktop. I intend to continue using my Windows 7 activation key on my laptop and the Windows 8 key on my desktop.

Will this work? Or will the registry keys be linked because it's an "upgrade"?

If this is the wrong forum, feel free to let me know. It seemed more of a "new build" question than a "Windows 8" question. Thanks!