Question If I don't have Ram is it possible that my monitor,power button and Usb ports won't work

Apr 4, 2020
I just finished building my PC waiting on the RAM still. Everything works fans for case and the AIO cooler. Motherboard LEDS work too. But when I go to plug in my keyboard, mouse, mouse pad it doesn't give power. I also can't turn off my PC with the power button on the case is it because of RAM? No display either which is due to RAM I think? Can only fully turn off the PC with the power switch from the PSU
...Can only fully turn off the PC with the power switch from the PSU
Lack of RAM shouldn't affect that. It should remain OFF until the front panel power button is pressed to turn it ON. It will fail at RAM in POST, beep a few times (if you have a PC speaker connected) then (maybe) try to boot again. After a few tries it should stop, though, and sit there. If you have a troubleshooting LED array on your mobo it will light the RAM light to indicate where it failed.

Something's connected wrong somewhere...probably case leads on the front panel header. Double/triple check that and have a friend look at it too. Remove anything from the PWR_SW header pins and see if it still does that.