If I have an N wireless router plugged into a G router can I get more than 54mbp


Aug 29, 2012

A little more background, I have AT&T U-verse that is only putting out 54mbps wirelessly, and brought my N-router that all the computers and printers were already wirelessly connected to and plugged it into port 1.
You have to be a little careful how you use this now. If you connected the N router to the G router, WAN to LAN respectively, you've created TWO networks. And each must be using different IP schemes. So if the first is say 192.168.1.x, the second might be 192.168.2.x, or 10.0.0.x, whatever, just as long as they are different.

Also, now that a WAN separates the two networks, anyone using the wireless N router will be able to access the upstream network of the wireless G router, but anyone on the wireless G network will be BLOCKED by the WAN from accessing the downstream wireless N network.

So it gets a bit tricky if you expect to use BOTH routers and their respective APs and share resources.

If you just want to have ONE network and avoid these sharing issues, and one that has two APs (G and N), then you should configure the wireless N router as a simple AP (no routing), which means they're connected LAN to LAN. There are some other details as well.