If I replace the motherboard.....


Jan 19, 2014
Evening, All,

I have a GA-z97x-ud5h MB with an I5-4670k cpu. If I replace the MB with another GA Z97X-UD5H MB, what will happen if I simply attach the SSD with my OS (Win10) to the board and try and boot up the system?

Related question: What will happen if I replace the CPU with another and try to boot the system?
New CPU, same motherboard - Nothing, computer will boot as normal.

Same CPU, new (same) motherboard - you may or may not need to reinstall or reactivate Windows. Sometimes Windows can think it's been installed in a new system if the motherboard has been changed (even if it's the same model). Though I've read Windows 10 is pretty good these days with motherboard switches. And considering it'll be the same motherboard you PROBABLY won't have too much issue, but I would back up data just in case.


Seeing as how the two systems are so closely alike, you "should" be able to boot to the desktop. Win will load some new drivers and make some changes in the Registry and you will have a messy C: drive. But usually a CCleaner run or two will clean most of the problems up. You may or may not have to re-activate the OS.

Worth the try.
You may have to re-register your Windows installation but that should be no problem as long as you have a valid key. That applies to both situations.

In the second scenario, it should work fine if the CPU is the same or in the same family of CPUs. Changing families or generations of CPUs may or may not work. It will depend on the specifics.