Question If i tried cloning windows from hdd to ssd will i encounter any problems?

Hey there,

Once you've cloned the drive, you must then restart the system without the original HDD in place. This is so the new disk gets set up with the boot order (MBR). Once you've done that, you can then re-attach the old drive and format it, or whatever.
Details, please...

What OS?
What specific drives?
How much space is consumed on the current C drive?
Screencap of your Disk Management window would help here.

If all is OK, I have a tested series of steps to accomplish this.
Brill. Yes, I saw your instructions/guide in another thread recently. IIRC it was a few commands through Command prompt! Is that right? It was very good, and I meant to suggest in that thread, you make a sticky or guide on it.