Question If I were to get a stronger router, would it boosts the performance of my Mesh WiFi?


Jun 5, 2018
Hi, I currently have
  • TP-Link M4 Deco (AC1200) (2 pack) as a Wi-Fi Mesh system
  • D-LINK DIR-850L (AC1200) as a router
  • 300 Mbps subscription plan
The router + main Deco is placed in the living room and the second Deco is placed at the furthest part of my house (My room). Both of the Deco works fine and still within range but I have less speed from the second deco.
When in the living room, using Wi-Fi, I average the speed of 260 Mbps download and 51 Mbps upload. The 51 Mbps upload speed is correct since the subscription mentioned 50 Mbps upload speed.
When in the furthest part of the house, using ethernet cable connecting to the 2nd Deco, I average the speed of 150~170 Mbps download and 51Mbps upload.
If I get a AX1800 router, will it increase the performance of the Mesh (anything if applicable)? or will there be no changes?
Partially because you placed the second deco unit in the wrong place. All you are doing is using the 2nd deco unit as a fancy wifi nic card you connected via ethernet rather than a USB cable. It is still not a ethernet connection when it has a wifi hop to go to the router.
It would be no different really than if you use a wifi card in your pc to directly talk to the main router. When you only look at the marketing pictures they pretend you can just place these in any room and by magic you get wifi. Most do in the actual instructions talk about proper placement.

There is no magic router that will increase the signal sent to your room. That is purely a function of radio transmit power and that has the same limitation set by the government and all devices are very close to the limit.

In addition a ax1800 is a bottom of the line wifi6 device that does not support the 160mhz radio bandwidth. It will run the same 80mhz as your current routers and since the only other feature is the QAM1024 that pretty much only works in the same room as the router.
You will end up with a router that is pretty much equivalent to your current ac1200 devices. It likely would not matter if you bought the high end wifi6 router and replaced the wifi in your pc wiht the high end wifi6 also. Your problem is the house absorbs the wifi energy and you can not magically get that signal back.

Now "maybe" if you place the deco unit half way between your room and the main router and used a wifi nic in your card it might be faster. Running in repeater mode you always pay a significant pentantly.

Now if you can place the 2nd deco unit closer to the main router and run a longer ethernet cable to it you might get some improvement. There is less stuff to absorb the wifi signals in the path.