If someone had my laptop for two hours how much information


Mar 19, 2012
someone who is a known computer hacker took my laptop for two hours,what info could he have got from it. my settings delete browsing history upon exit so would he still be able to see every website i have been on, also would he have been able to download all of this from my hard drive to read later in this space of time???
Probably all of it. And he could have left a keylogger to get your log-in info and a back-door entry to your machine that he could use get any future data, as well as other malware that would allow your machine to participate in denial of service attacks on websites and servers. Keep your machine off-line until you figure out what happened or have a chance to perform a clean install of your operating system.
Take no chances. Keep the computer off of the internet (turn off wireless and do not plug in internet), back up only necessary documents, and be sure to scan them for viruses or malware on a lunux or Mac before plugging the drive into a PC.
Use a low level wiping software that boots off a CD such as DBAN.org to completely clean and wipe your machine (dont want any boot loader viruses poping up later), and then reformat the machine and load Windows back on it (make sure you have clean restore CDs, or else buy a new copy of Win7 or play with win8CP).
Oh, and change your IP address before using the internet at your home again. Change all passwords to all websites you use ASAP as he likely has all of your usernames and passwords now.

It may be paranoia, but if someone I knew was a hacker was on my PC I would take no chances. Even being someone who works with registries, and is very knowledgeable about my computer I would still follow this procedure. There are just too many things that a person can do when they have physical access to your computer to even attempt to address them all.

All that being said; Most hackers are looking for something in specific, do their job, and get out without making any unnecessary changes (because slop like that is how people get caught), so in reality the person probably got what they came for and largely left it alone. Still, take no chances of that. If they did not find what they wanted they would have simply taken your computer, or at least the HDD.