Question If there are any tech gods out there, please help me fix my audio issue.

Nov 26, 2020
For the past few weeks, I've noticed that when I'm on Discord, my friends would hear everything I'm listening to (they say it sounds as if they're listening to it themselves - its super clear to them). The weird part is that I've tried muting my mic on my headset, and even pulling the entire mic out. Unfortunately they still somehow hear my audio clear as day (even without a mic inserted!). I've been trying all sorts of different methods to fix this issue such as ensuring my Stereo Mix is disabled, tried replugging in the headsets and mic, and uninstalled + reinstalled the audio driver three times. My mobo is a Rog Strix B450-F and I'm starting to think that something is internally wrong with my mobo? Possibly the stereo mix is just permanently enabled and theres no way for me to stop it? Or maybe theres a glitch in my computer where the audio is always going through the stereo mix? I'm honestly out of ideas here and hope there is some tech god here who can fix my computer cause it's extremely annoying having others listen to what I'm hearing. I've also tried multiple different headsets to ensure that its not just happening with my headset itself.

In addition to the information above, it seems like when I switch my audio to my external speakers instead of my headset, my friends can no longer hear the sounds. If I also switch my microphone from my headset to my webcam mic, it doesn't pic up the sounds anymore.

This forum is my last hope before I reset my entire PC, which I don't want to do because I'd have to re-install everything and it would just be annoying.

Thank you to anyone whos willing to give fixing this a try!