Question If using VPN - Does Widows Updates change files if it thinks PC is outside of United States


Nov 9, 2009
This may be hypothetical. I was jumping to another country to see how this VPN works. Then windows decided to update the system. I understand that certain encryption features are not allowed outside the US. So did Microsoft change components to non US equivalent software components? Now is my computer less secure? Would other company's software with encryption do the same like Zip-Secure, etc?
No. Going to another country or appearing you're in another country does not change your computer's locale settings.

Source: Myself, after using the OS set to US-based locale in Japan for 6+ years. The only thing that changes is certain geo-aware services. For example, Google may tailor your search results to be more relevant in the country you're in. And these simply use the IP address to figure out where you are.

If you're asking if Microsoft delivers different files based on where you're located, also no, outside of locale-specific needs, which are affected byh the locale settings.