If you are having low FPS this might help


Oct 10, 2012

If you are having low FPS this might help

Game booster if Game booster dusn't work for you.

then hit the windows logo key to min the game then reopen it on the task bar it will run a little bit faster and if you try this it will only work once then when you restart the computer then you can try it agien.

The drivers
If you have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware it will take out the drivers so what i did was i roll back the GPU drivers and then i updated them agien

if it workeds for me it will work for you if these things do not work then i do not know but i will be thinking of more things
if you need game booster then your pc doesnt have enough grunt to run the game in the first place.
the best thing to do is turn down your gfx settings to get more fps. it will free up more resources than disabling a few services that aint doing much other than taking up memory.
most services that get loaded at start up dont actually do much when a game is being played. they will just sit in memory. freeing up memeory can give some performance back but really if your that short on memory that you need to turn off parts of windows to play a game smoothly then upgrading is your answer not this...
i aint saying dont use it... im saying you shouldnt need to if your pc is up to spec.
using this on a pc that is above minimum requirements will result in very little performance increase.

also be aware that not all game boosters are legal when playing online games. some will cause your game to get blacklisted as a cheat... stay clear of game boosters that let you speed up or slow down a game they are an instant ban on punkbuster. 1 specifically called game optomizer pro (same feature set plus others as game booster) will get you pb banned, vac banned, aon banned and so on. so use at your own risk if you play online...

reason for this little rant is that there are a few apps called game booster some game legal some not...